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About Us



King Computer Services have been providing experienced and expert computer solutions with the aim of bringing a high level of I.T. support to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market, a level of service and expertise historically only enjoyed by the bigger players in the corporate sector. King Computer understands excellent I.T. solutions are keys to the survival

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 and day-to-day operations of most companies as the need to cut running costs increases. 



King Computer offers a portfolio of I.T. support services designed for the SME market that  enable a business to expand IT solutions with confidence without a prohibitive cost. Each service is tailored to the individual customer and offers the services  and expertise required to outsource your I.T. requirements or run alongside your own in-house I.T. department.


Please browse the services offered to empower your employee’s and open your business to new opportunities. It could be as basic as a web site design and implementation  or the complete / partial outsourcing of your in-house I.T. services to expand or aid the current department.


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