Luton’s Best iPhone & iPad Repair

At King Computer, We offer fast, hassle-free repairs for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and many other major brands. 

We take pride in providing high-quality phone & tablets repair in Luton at an affordable price. We perform repairs on all makes and models of mobile phones and tablets. 

Our team of professionals have the expertise to deal with any maintenance and repairs for even the most recent devices. We are so confident of the quality of our work and the parts we use and we provide a warranty with each mobile or tablet fix.


Mobile Phone Unlocking Services

Do you need to unlock your mobile phone? King Computer has the competencies and resources to unlock your mobile phone. 

We offer the most affordable unlocking services for iPhone, Samsung and other brands. Whether you are interested in switching carriers, or use your phone internationally. 

Our skilled Team can help you unlocking your phone from any carrier or country. It can be completed remotely so you will be able to hold onto your device during the process.

What our customers say?

My mac had died - I'd tried everything but I couldn't get her working. I took her into to King Computer and they were super helpful. They replaced the hard drive upgraded my RAM all very quickly and for a very reasonable price.

Olaf Falafel
when my macbook pro stopped working I took it to apple store where they estimated that it would cost me atleast £220 to get my laptop fixed. and then I took it to king computer and they only charged me £90 to fix it and it only took a short period of time to fix it. thank you king computer.
Ingrid Tcheko​
Absolutely great service! I tried several other places to help me sort out my Macbook Pro, they were reluctant to do it. Kaiser at King Computer was really helpful and sorted it all out within a few hours. Suffice to say I was delighted with his efforts and great service. He is now my go-to guy for all things computers 🙂
Suhail Alam